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Why We rebranded

We've had a beauty-bop

Let's start at the beginning

A Fateful Night In New York

The YUNO journey is more than a tale of biome care. At its core, it's about serendipity: two individuals drawn together in the vibrant landscape of New York City, each bringing a distinct perspective to a shared vision. In today's fast-paced world, where fleeting remedies often eclipse the quest for wholesome personalization, , this duo discovered a shared purpose amidst the city's ceaseless hum.

Washington Square Park, with its pulsating urban heartbeat, was the backdrop for this chance encounter. Here, two different worlds intertwined: one, deeply steeped in the intricacies of gut health, a reservoir of knowledge amassed from both personal journeys and scientific pursuits; the other, just on the cusp of recognizing its profound impact.

Their synergy was undeniable. Over late-night discussions in a classic New York diner, with the aroma of fresh Babka and the city's characteristic hum enveloping them, the concept of YUNO crystallized. Their shared vision ? To usher in a new understanding of microbiome care - one grounded in individual experiences fortified by rigorous and evolving science.

The Genesis

A Global Odyssey in Pursuit of Gut Health

Our Founder, Lakshanika's journey is deeply rooted in an environment saturated with botany, medicine, and culinary diversity. Growing up amidst diets and meal plans crafted with attention to form, function, and experience, she naturally imbibed this ethos. This vast perspective fueled her innate curiosity, leading her to explore over 80 countries as a journalist.

However, the diagnosis of SIBO in a long-time friend served as a stark reminder of the gut habits she had forsaken in the whirlwind pace of reporting. This revelation prompted a pivot in her career, steering her towards food science. Her mission? To delve deeper into understanding the human body and the chemistry underpinning the foods we savor.

She became engrossed in collecting stories of bodily quirks, from odd-smelling farts to peculiar burps. Her research took her on diverse gastronomic adventures, from understanding novel ingredients like the famed Japanese Matsukake mushroom to exploring the intricate processing behind the likes of Chartreuse. Among her favorite experiments was the cultivation of edible maggots. These were emboldened with unique flavors like figs-eggyolk and blueberry-mustard, offering a deeper understanding of epidermal biochemical absorption.

The Shift

Crafting the Biome Care Experience

At the heart of Lakshanika's journey lies a profound fascination with the hidden world of the microbiome. These unseen multitudes, as it turned out, whispered secrets of our emotions, cognition, and very essence. Driven by this revelation and a palpable synchrony between nature's phytochemicals and our own chemistry, she launched an audacious venture—a meal-prep startup that didn't just serve food, but celebrated biome diversity. This was no ordinary culinary endeavor; it was a symphony of seasonally sourced ingredients, harmonizing with our microbiomes, hormones, and ever-shifting emotions.

As that chapter neared its conclusion, a fresh vision emerged: to craft formulations as intuitive and nurturing as our daily skincare rituals. By the close of 2019, the first Concentrates were more than products; they were shared experiences, test batches passed among curious and eager hands. Feedback became the guiding star—calls for richer flavors, greater potency, and enduring appeal.

Then came the pivotal moment: the art and precision of processing botanicals. This intricate dance of nature and science garnered attention, and 2020 saw a resounding affirmation with a successful Indiegogo campaign. But life, with its unpredictable turns, brought challenges in the form of a global pandemic, a personal loss that shook the foundations, and the relentless drive for perfection. Yet, these weren't setbacks, but stepping stones—opportunities to refine, adapt, and rise anew.

The Quincunx

Rethinking and Refining the Initial Idea

Drawing from Systems Theory, the quincunx exemplifies interconnected components, with the center representing the overarching system or a pivotal node. The surrounding points symbolize the various interconnected facets. For us, this geometry mirrored the intricate dance of the gut-brain-microbiome axis and its interplay with other axes, notably the hormonal and sensorial junctures. Our guiding principle, "Biome First, Estrogen Forward, Luscious Always™," sought to capture this essence. The aim was to preserve the integrity of each botanical's phytochemical profile, tailoring to the unique biome compositions of individuals—from functional needs and cravings to hormonal nuances of quality.

What began as a subdued mission evolved through iterative refinement. By the 26th iteration, we've crafted an experience we're genuinely thrilled about—an ensemble of smooth mouthfeel, dessert-inspired flavors, and a potent, yet gentle touch. Collaborating with chefs, connoisseurs, and gastronomists, we've unearthed the narrative essence behind each botanical blend—invoking a global journey with every sip. At its heart, this creation aims to bridge the understanding between nurturing our biome and maintaining hormonal quality as we age. Conceptualized with the everyday woman in mind, it stands as a tribute to estrogen, delivering an experience that's both powerful and tender.

And Now

The New Horizon

We listened intently to our community of tastecurators and supporters. Your feedback became the bedrock upon which we sculpted the new vision of YUNO, from the depth of our product formulation to the aesthetics of our packaging. Our vision, sharper than ever, is to inspire each individual to embrace and nurture their unique biome. The lessons of the past have been our guiding light, leading us to bold, complementary solutions, all the while holding onto our unwavering commitment to transparency.

Each curated experience is crafted with profound love, care, and respect. Drawing from cherished traditions (Something Old), refining with contemporary insights (Something New), and marching forward with undaunted clarity and confidence (Something Bold) — we present the new chapter of YUNO Botanicals.

We invite you to delve into an experience where personalized biome care converges with meticulous curations, all inspired by the wonders of nature, shaped by human touch, and anchored in the rigors of science. We’re proud to introduce you to the new and improved YUNO Botanicals.

Whats New


Our goal is to demystify the microbiome. This is reflected in our formulation, and to symbolize this commitment, it's echoed in our logo. The continuous stream that envelops our human figure symbolizes the ongoing wholesome evolution of our microbiome – and our dedication to expanding the dialogue surrounding the microbiome axes.


Our first formulation iteration was unsweetened, which led to numerous requests from our community for something sweet. Our new formulations draw inspiration from both sweet and savory desserts, serving as an ideal complement to your palate, whether as an aperitif, snack, or digestive. Having successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo in just 3 days, our concentrates now showcase flavors from caramel chai and whiskey basil to the cousins of London Fog. Each is uniquely crafted to be absorbed at the gut-brain axis for distinct functions.

Our concentrates undergo a precision aging process known as microaging. This method employs pressure and fluctuating temperatures to age and concentrate phytochemicals, all while preserving the plant's integrity. With just 2 teaspoons, it's a splendid addition for any moment. Highly concentrated for almost instantaneous effects, users can experience up to 8 hours of specific sensations. This process often enhances the flavor, revealing the botanical layers' more intricate, richer notes. It's a fitting choice for those with tight schedules or those seeking swift satisfaction.

This is our signature - Biome Care Essentials Line.


Our sweetener formulation uniquely combines pure organic monk fruit with 90% mogroside, devoid of additives like erythritol. This is fused with other distinctive ingredients, one of which is the classic mesquite bean, crafting a smooth texture that mitigates the iron-like aftertaste of monk fruit. The result? A deeper, smoother, sweeter flavor that perfectly complements our concentrates. Designed for those yearning for sweetness but have health or sugar sensitivities.


Our revamped biome care curating assessment leverages the Gale Shapely algorithm logic to select matching sets that comprise a primer, foundation, and repair blend, optimizing daily microbiome care. We consistently refine our assessment, with a new update slated for 2024. Presently, our evaluation takes into account rare lifestyle and health factors, ensuring tailored recommendations for anyone navigating unique health scenarios.


The health and wellness landscape, particularly concerning the microbiome, can be a labyrinth of information. Our mission is to elevate the conversation, updating you on the latest microbiome breakthroughs and delving deeper into phytochemicals and botanicals that boost microbiome diversity. We're rolling out engaging educational content that sparks curiosity. Engage with us directly through our biome banter channel on Discord, schedule deep-dive calls to understand your biome care regimen better, or peruse our articles and medium releases for comprehensive insights on microbiome-centric experiences, habits, and solutions.


Our revamped formulations prioritize hormonal compatibility, enhancing our hormonal experiences, especially with aging. Currently, our spotlight is on Estrogen quality and compatibility, with new products designed to address specific hormone-related experiences. This unveils the concealed intricacies of your distinct microbiome. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming releases, all tailored for a luxurious estrogen sensation.


Your feedback has shaped our improved customer service. With a dedicated team at the helm, you can effortlessly reach us, whether by phone, email, or joining our biome banters channel. Our aim is transparent dialogue, addressing any concerns and refining our offerings continuously.


We are refunding all contributions made on our Indiegogo campaign! As we embark on this renewed journey, we recognize some commitments may remain unmet. Hence, we're issuing refunds and offering exclusive discounts, ensuring interested individuals experience our product at its pinnacle. The trust of our community is paramount. Refunding unfulfilled contributions is not just right – it's a testament to our respect for their initial trust and vision alignment.


For our esteemed members, we ensure your journey evolves with your needs. Each membership now grants access to a private channel with a dedicated biome-care specialist, ready to fine-tune your biome care experience based on your upcoming engagements and experiences. We're here to simplify biome care, making it a delightful habit.


Our revamped look, science-backed, and experience-focused formulations promise a satiated biome – in form, function, and sensation. We aspire to be your first choice in biome care when you aim to look, feel, and savor the version of yourself you delight in most. Both inside and out, we've undergone a transformation. We're confident that the rejuvenated YUNO Botanicals, complemented by our enhanced Biome Care Essentials, will captivate you. Explore our store and indulge in our curated solutions. May our journey inspire yours.

YUNO Botanicals

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