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Foundations of Biome CARE

Why Microbiome AXES?

The beauty of our 'microbiome axes' concept lies in the intricate dance of microbial communities within us. These communities touch every corner of our bodies—from the familiar gut-brain-liver trio to the secret wonders of our eyes, lungs, and endocrine systems. They're not just about digestion; they're the unsung heroes behind our moods, the success of our diets, and our daily wellness rhythms.

Remember the moment of birth? That's when our unique microbial story starts. Vaginal births give babies a special microbial beginning, while cesarean-born babies have their own unique start, influenced by the world around them. And it's fascinating to think that these very first microbial friends might shape our health for years to come.

It's not just about where we start, though. Our everyday choices, from the foods we savor to the air we breathe, sculpt our microbial world. And there's a twist: they might even whisper to our genes, leading to epigenetic tales. It's a gentle reminder that every one of us has a microbial story that's uniquely ours, yet intricately connected to the vast microbial universe. Therefore we are here to help you discover, nurture, and celebrate that story.

A Comphrehensive Look Into

A biotasting approach

At YUNO, we're more than just science; we're about understanding you. Our comprehensive approach is a beautiful blend of rigorous scientific research and specially curated formulations. We believe in the power of partnership, so we put collaboration with individuals like you at the heart of what we do.

Every refinement, every detail, is influenced by real-life case studies, highlighting the profound connection between the microbiome and our unique biochemistry. Imagine a world where our solutions actively bolster emotional, cognitive, and hormonal well-being, all with the microbiome's magic.

With our focus on effective absorption and metabolization, we're designing experiences tailored just for you. It's about more than just health—it's about savoring every sensation, every day.

We Care About Creating

Potent Yet Gentle Solutions

Made for estrogen quality

Hormone compatible formulations

Microbiomes play a pivotal role in upholding the equilibrium of our hormonal ecosystem, especially concerning estrogen and its related compounds. Estrogen is intricate and influential, governing sensory experiences and dictating core biological functions from menstruation to intimate comfort. Yet, its balance is delicate. An excess or deficiency can lead to a myriad of issues, from mood swings to metabolic challenges.

Our formulations are distinctively crafted with this intricacy in mind. We meticulously select botanicals known to support hormonal harmony, and every ingredient is chosen based on its compatibility with estrogen and its ability to promote a natural, rhythmic hormonal flow. Moreover, these botanical selections are sequenced to nurture hormonal integrity, ensuring our products don't merely mask symptoms but address the root hormonal interplay.

This meticulous approach enhances overall well-being, whether that's regulating appetite, enhancing satiety, or invigorating your metabolism. Explore our library, to discover our botanical curations.

Our Process

Science Based, Nature Inspired, People Curated

Driven by Facts

Our Evidence-Based Approach

We're deeply passionate about our products and their benefits. Yet, we believe in the power of scientific evidence. Don't just rely on our words – explore the research and studies supporting our claims. We're committed to regularly updating this repository, ensuring our community stays informed on all things microbiome.

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