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Curations personalized to your natural biochemistry for wholesome satisfaction.

Made for the SHIFTS

Meet Our Experience Edits

Shop for sensorial care, curated for adaptability and ease. No quiz, no hassle. Simply select your desired mood or need, and be guided to the precise care you seek.

Explore Our Concentrates

Just 2 teaspoons deliver a delight that masterfully balances form, function, and comfort in every sip. Pamper your microbiome with teas meticulously formulated for targeted absorption.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Spend just 3 minutes and uncover the perfect curation tailored for your unique needs and experiences.

Shape Your Biome, Unique To YOU


We believe in creating formulations that serve as functional gastronomy experiences—treats for the microbiome that are simple, customizable, and diverse.

Rooted in the principles of hormonal compatibility, our creations prioritize estrogen integrity and embrace timeless quality. Each product is designed to mix and match, aligning with your unique microbiome while catering to your emotional, cognitive, and sensorial needs.

Satisfy those indescribable cravings and curiosities by starting with our quiz to better understand your microbiome.


revel in the luxury of nature

At YUNO, we recognize the routines and habits that define our daily lives, particularly in what we consume. These patterns ensure harmony in our day-to-day processes. While the microbiome is often associated with our gut, its intricate connection spans from our hormones to our brain, playing a pivotal role that's often underestimated in our day to day personal care habits.

Our formulations immerse into this captivating intersection. We harness the potency of complementary, meticulously researched, and culinary-inspired botanicals.

In concert with robust ingredients like roots, rhizomes, barks, seeds, fungi, moss, seaweed, herbs, vibrant oils, fruits, and berries, we formulate targeted blends that's concentrated for effective absorption and regularizing gut experiences.

By using the microbiome as a medium, our concoctions exude rich flavors and provide gentle care. They not only deliver immediate results but also foster a proactive, natural ecosystem in the body, tailored to an individual's unique biochemistry.

The O Edits

Immerse in the intriguing blend of discussions about microbiome, estrogen, and top-notch experiences, brewed with a pinch of imagination.

360° Biome CARE

Made Easy, For You and Your Gut

Our formulations consist of clean, pronounceable botanicals designed to synergistically promote a comfortable and consistent digestive experience - a principle across all formulations. Simply add 1-2 tsp to 6oz of water, dairy, or your preferred beverage and stir. It's as straightforward and convenient as that.

Tailored for Potency

We emphasize the phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other intricate plant compounds, nurturing them to their optimal concentrations while being gentle to the body. Utilizing traditional methods like micro-aging and slow brewing, we preserve the structural integrity of the ingredients down to the molecular level in every formulation.

Exquisite Luscious Experience

Flavor is paramount to us, and we've tirelessly crafted our profiles without compromising on our formula's integrity.

Our founders personally taste test every batch, ensuring each product delights the palate. We then gather feedback from our community to perfect it further.

Drawing inspiration from gastronomy, our sourcing spans diverse terroirs, and we continually refine our process to harmonize pleasure with function. And with no added preservatives, sugars, or fillers, our formulations remain as natural as nature intended.

Discover Your Edit

Dive into a 2-week journey, thoughtfully curated to initiate your biome care ritual.