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Unlock Mellow Spirit

Zen Vibes

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Welcome Zen Vibes - your gateway to tranquility.

Drawing inspiration from the calming London Fog, this botanical brew wraps you in relaxation from head to toe, and yes, that includes the face-regions. Ideal for silencing mind chatter and easing tense nerves, every sip is a step into a sensory haven. Envision your own cozy retreat, personalized just for you.

Contains No Caffeine
Naturally sweetened with organic monk fruit
Each pack makes up to six 6oz cups

Build Your Biome Box

Choose Your Kit Size
Select the kit size that best fits your routine and objectives.

Personalize Your Biome Care
Begin curating your optimal biome care routine. Mix and match blends that align with your body's needs, from the start of your day, through midday, to its end.

Great Things Come In 3's
Your box will be evenly divided among the blends you choose. To receive more of a specific blend, select it multiple times. If you want just one blend, select 'None' for the second and third option.

Made For YOU

Our concentrates are formulated just for you. Delve into an experience enriched with Zen Vibes—a relaxing treat to complete your biome care.

Taste Of Zen Bright Cotton Candy

With Hints of Lychee, Pineapples and Buttery Florals

Before and After

Observe the transformation just 10 minutes post-sip. This is the essence of Zen Vibes, visually captured.


Signature Recipes

Find your flair, whether you lean towards a delicate cuppa or savor a richer indulgence. Maybe you're in the mood for a bold experiment? Draw inspiration from the recipes below and tailor your own experience.

"I now think I can make lattes at home and I didn't think I'd be able to do that until now. Tastes AMAZING. Zen helped me feel calm when I've been experiencing anxiety for days.

– Toni.S

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