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We believe,

The concept of one-off cures are overrated. Instead, we focus on understanding, adapting, and nurturing a microbiome ecosystem that's diverse and multifaceted - therefore guiding our natural chemistry in proactive ways to experience better feelings, actions and reactions.


Is to shape the quality & integrity of our microbiome in a way that celebrates our unique individuality.

Our Vision, It's simple

Demystifying the microbiome

Through the science of plants, gastronomy, and understanding the uniqueness of our biochemistry, we aim to refine experiences and solutions tailored to care for the microbiome axes.

By broadening the conversation around our microbiome, we hope to simplify and demystify biome-care. Our goal is to make everyone feel functional and comfortable in the present while ensuring their biochemistry evolves gracefully over time - by starting at the root, at our microbiome.

Our Approach

Biome First, Estrogen Forward, Luscious Always™

Our approach taps into the gentle potency that emerges from the synergy of plant science and individual biochemistry, offering targeted microbiome care anchored in efficient efficacy, functionality, and comfort.

By understanding and tailoring nature to work in a complementary manner with our microbiome, we target the root causes of discomforts, be they emotional, hormonal, cognitive, digestive, or physiological.

Our Products

Diverse, Direct, Personalized

We meticulously source our ingredients from diverse terroirs, ensuring they harmonize when combined. Using classical gastronomic methods rooted in purity and efficacy, our formulations come to life.

Every solution we offer is formulated from whole plants, completely devoid of preservatives, fillers, or any other additives that compromise the integrity of the plant. With us, you not only receive familiar plants at their peak potency but may also discover new ones. Each is optimized for the hustle and bustle of diverse lifestyles, made in a way that celebrates the biodiverse nature of our ecosystem.

  • 100% real, complementary ingredients , certified organic when availble.
  • Gut friendly
  • Hormonal compatible

Our COmmitment to science

Derived from Nature, Perfected Overtime , Curated by people

We are here to provide an alternative to the myriad of solutions that aren't tailored or sensitive to the intricacies of the microbiome ecosystem. We endeavor to curate a biome care routine that truly resonates with you.

Each new formulation, is an evolution, building upon the knowledge of its predecessors - with a steadfast commitment towards rigorous case studies, and verified research our team commits to deepen our knowledge towards clinical research and understanding of personalized microbiome care , one experience at a time.

Our Founder

From headlines, to health

Lakshanika Lammeera began her career as a journalist covering international politics, always on the hunt for the latest stories. Her path shifted when she delved into food science, where she was diagnosed with SIBO, a persistent condition impacting her emotional and cognitive health. This diagnosis spurred a mission to understand the microbiome better.

Through extensive research in plant science, digestion, and gastronomy, she began connecting with others, sharing health challenges and solutions. After traveling to over 80 countries to gain a broader perspective, she founded YUNO in New York. With a singular goal: to provide precise, enjoyable personalized biome care grounded in biochemistry.

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