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Navigating Your Biome Care

Finding your fit

Simplicity is at the heart of our approach. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, our solutions are tailored to your unique objectives. With the insights from our biome assessment, you're already on the right path.

And while the path to establishing biome care habits can be as personal as your skincare or beauty routine, the destinations can vary. Whether you're aiming for lasting changes, swift shifts, or a blend of both, this guide serves as your compass, ensuring you find what you're looking for.

For Starters

Begin With An Experience

Starting something new often comes with its set of challenges. To ease your journey, we've curated our 'Experience Edits'. These are thoughtfully assembled experiences with complementary products. If there's a specific experience you're aiming for, our kits are a perfect starting point. Once you've found your rhythm, you can refine further by consulting with us, using our Biome Care Assessment, or choosing another kit.

Consistency is key

Planning For The Long Haul

Our approach emphasizes sustained microbiome care, typically spanning 2 weeks to a month. Consider this your base-habit as you further evolve or maintain your biome experience in subsequent months. Our recommendations are tri-phased, aligning with the start, mid-day, and end of your day. Assess your journey over the next 30-60 days. From there, either use our assessment for tailored recommendations or customize your own set, choosing from primers, foundations, and protective elements.

For prioritizing


Contrary to popular belief, quick fixes can be remarkable, especially when they're applied thoughtfully. Instead of immersing in a detailed routine, you might just need a boost in specific areas, whether they're emotional, cognitive, or hormonal. With our blends, you can target these inclinations, offering relief or balance when you need it the most. Think of them as pick-me-ups, ready to counter those occasional discomforts that arise in our daily lives.

Your curations

Satiate Your Biome

YUNO's solutions are meticulously formulated with botanicals, ranging from whole foods and adaptogens to antioxidants. These ingredients are aged to break down and concentrate essential compounds, ensuring easy absorption and utilization by our natural biochemistry. Savor your experience, the way your body intends to.

A 360° Care

How Does YUNO Work?

At YUNO, we believe that microbiome care should be functional, comfortable, and satisfying, all achieved effortlessly. We make no compromises on quality or experience. Our approach focuses on five integral aspects with every cup:

  1. Physiological Sensations
  2. Emotional and Cognitive Experiences
  3. Digestive & Gut Experience
  4. Biome Experience (which becomes more pronounced with consistent use)
  5. Hormonal Experience

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