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Our Botanical Library


Each ingredient is meticulously sourced from vibrant terroirs across the globe. Utilized in their whole form to capture the finest profiles while eliminating volatile and harsh elements to be friendly to our gut and complimentary to our distinct biochemistry. Dive deeper to discover the unique composition and benefits of each botanical that imbue our formulas.

Gastronomy Curated with Care

bridging The Mediterannean Mosaic

The diversity within our microbiome is intricately linked to the variety in our plates, bowls and cups - whether a quick grab and go or a sit-down. Hence, our unwavering commitment to finding the ideal botanicals from diverse terroirs, means collaborating with partners who prioritize wholeness, purity, and potency. We steer clear of residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and any synthetic elements, ensuring our selection retains its natural, wild-harvested essence. A collection tailored for form, function and satisfaction.

  • 100% whole botanicals
  • Certified organic when available and minimally processed
  • No artificial chemicals, fillers or GMO's

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Our List Of Botanicals

65 Results

Anise Seed
Assam Black Tea
Black Olive
Cape Gooseberry

What we keep out

From formulation to final production, we adhere strictly to our guiding principles. Foremost among them is our unwavering stance against the "Big No” ingredients. Recent findings have shown that certain trendy ingredients in food products may have long-lasting negative effects on the body, even after they've been processed and eliminated. Given our steadfast commitment to optimizing each individual's unique biome ecosystem, we've taken measures to ensure these ingredients are entirely absent from our product