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For The Aspiring Morning Person

Quality Day

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Experience the best of both worlds for all morning enthusiasts.

Cosmic Dream, masterfully formulated to provide premium, adequate rest, balances your internal clock, seamlessly transitioning between restful nights and vibrant wakefulness. It proactively tunes your rest and wakefulness cycles, allowing you to greet each morning with ease.

In tandem with this, Fiery Energy kick-starts your day, infusing it with vigor, and sustaining stamina and alertness without succumbing to fatigue. This dynamic duo not only promotes muscular health but also enriches cognitive quality through an orchestrated cycle of rest, repair, and relaxation.

Start your experience with this potent pair, and embark on a refreshing excursion from peaceful slumber to active awakening.

Fiery Energy contains 15mg naturally occurring caffeine
Cosmic Dream contains no caffeine
Naturally sweetened with organic monk fruit
Each pack makes up to six 6oz cups

Build Your Biome Box

Choose Your Kit Size
Select the kit size that best fits your routine and objectives.

How it works

As everyone's body responds differently, this duration may vary.
Thus, it's recommended to personalize your intake based on your unique experience.

Start With

Your Primer

Fiery Energy

Upon waking up, kick-start your day with a cup of Fiery Energy or even make it a delightful brunch treat. Depending on your preference, enjoy it on its own, pair it with a light meal, or infuse it into your morning coffee. Each cup potentially promotes a sustained sensation of vigor for up to 6-8 hours.

Complete With

Your Repair

Cosmic Dream

To begin your journey, start with a cup of Cosmic Dream approximately 15-20 minutes before settling down for the night. Remember, everyone's body reacts uniquely, so it may take up to 30 minutes for you to fully immerse in the soothing experience, guiding you into a serene and tranquil rest.

Simply Repeat

To Foster Consistency

A consistent routine creates a cumulative result that gradually sustains the quality of your wakefulness and the ease of rest.

MAKING Mornings Less bITTER

Your Experience In A Timeline

Sometimes, your natural rhythm aligns more with your lifestyle than your well-being. You may yearn for mornings filled with vibrant stretches and excitement, yet they seem elusive. Let's begin by gently turning back the clock, and the rest will naturally follow.

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