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For The Concurrent Night Owl

Quality Night

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Realign your rest routine to effortlessly achieve optimal restfulness without any struggle.

Start with Zen Vibes, an expertly formulated blend designed to foster relaxation and alleviate tension from head to toe, with a particular focus on the facial area. It promotes a calm mind and instills a sense of light-hearted joyfulness, facilitating a seamless transition from work to relaxation. It prepares your body for unwinding, stimulates your appetite for satisfying meals, and nurtures a soothed gut primed for hormonal signals that enhance feelings of delight and comfort.

Following Zen Vibes, we introduce Cosmic Dream. This masterfully crafted concentrate is designed to encourage premium, abundant rest. It works to balance your internal clock, sustaining a cycle of rest, repair, and alertness upon waking. Simultaneously, it promotes a gut that seamlessly supports digestion during rest and keeps those nighttime cravings at bay. Designed to be your perfect nightcap, Cosmic Dream sets you up for sound, uninterrupted rest- making every night an event to look forward to.

Venture into your rest experience with this exceptional duo, embarking on a journey of relaxation and mellowness tailored to restoring balance after dusk.

Zen Vibes contains no caffeine
Cosmic Dream contains no caffeine
Naturally sweetened with organic monk fruit
Each pack makes up to six 6oz cups

Build Your Biome Box

Choose Your Kit Size
Select the kit size that best fits your routine and objectives.

How it works

As everyone's body responds differently, this duration may vary.
Thus, it's recommended to personalize your intake based on your unique experience.

Start With

Your Primer

Zen Vibes

Begin your wind-down session 6-8 hours prior to your planned bedtime. Pair it with oat milk for a creamy latte or even as an accompaniment to your dinner. Designed to serve as a delightful aperitif, each sip paves the way for improved satiation and digestion.

Complete With

Your Repair

Cosmic Dream

Extend your experience with a cup of Cosmic Dream, as your night-cap approximately 15-20 minutes before settling down for the night. Remember, everyone's body reacts uniquely, so it may take up to 30 minutes for you to fully immerse in the soothing experience, guiding you into a serene and tranquil rest.

Simply Repeat

To Foster Consistency

A consistent routine creates a cumulative result that gradually sustains the quality of your wakefulness and the ease of rest.

MakING Every night MEMORABLE

Your Experience In A Timeline

When your natural rhythm syncs more with your fleeting thoughts and reactions than with self-care, don't just long for that early night's rest or those peaceful moments of daydreaming. Instead, gently guide your mind and body, and quality rest will naturally ensue.

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